Scan taking nearly 24hrs still not completed

  • 19 August 2021
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I am scanning a usb external drive that is 2T in size. Not only is webroot using all system resources so I cannot do anything much in windows generally, but its also only scanned ¾ of the drive and has been going for 18 hours. There is no way to pause the scan while I do other stuff. Is webroot not designed to handle large drives




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Hello @Ford12 


It’s hard to say as to your system specs and the age of the system and OS also how much is on the external drive half full or close to being full? The thing is when you scan an external drive it scans every file and if there are large size files yes it will take longer, it’s not like doing a default deep system scan which on my systems take about 45 seconds to 1 minute.


Again it depends on how many files you have on the external drive because it will scan every file unlike a system scan. Also WSA has a Realtime Shield which keeps an eye on your system at all times looking for any malware that could come on to your system.


See here on your system: