• 20 February 2015
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The top of my screen keeps turning white where its blue and I cant scroll. I keep having to click on it and get it to turn back blue. New computer.

1 reply

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Hi wanda,
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Have you tried Windows update to see if your computer has a video hardware update?  Here is how to change your computers resolution,
To change your screen resolution
  1. Open Screen Resolution by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, and then, under Appearance and Personalization, clicking Adjust screen resolution.
  2. Click the drop-down list next to Resolution, move the slider to the resolution you want, and then click Apply.
Please go to Microsoft Community here for Windowss 7
For Windows 8 go here
If you are having problems with a new computer then the you should have a years warranty with the computers manufacturing.
Hope this helps,
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