Since performing 'Clean Up', PC not functioning properly.

  • 3 January 2013
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Hoping I can explain correctly.  Yesterday I was prompted to perform a 'Clean Up' on my Laptop.  When completed, I tried to log onto Facebook and found the sign on page to be scrambled.  Went to my email account (Hotmail) only to find once logged in, I an also unable to access my inbox.  After that, checked with Webroot account, to find it also is compromised.  The page itself is no longer with normal 'pictures', but everything is page left.  When I click on any link, nothing happens.  Today I found when attempting Pintrest, the person I was trying to 'follow' ended up being reported as a spam!  This is all happening with Firefox, the browser I used when downloading Webroot over the weekend.
I have signed on with IE, and have no problems.  But.  The issue remains with Webroot account.  I truly do not wish to use IE.  What could have caused this?  I uninstalled Firefox twice, no change.  Thanks for taking your time in reading and hopefully finding a solution for my problem.

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That doesn't sound like anything is "compromised" in security terms, but the symptoms sound like a browser-specific probably-cache-related issue. If you hold down CTRL and hit F5 on any of the pages you're having issues on, do they refresh properly? You may just need to clear your cache and cookies. In Firefox, that's the Firefox button -> Options -> Privacy -> Clear Your Recent History -> then select the range (I usually use "everything", but be mindful of what all you're selecting) -> Clear Now

Pintrest messages have a tendency to get flagged as spam by some automated mail processing systems (notifications from most social media sites mostly all run into this issue in mail systems), and that's not going to be related to the page display issues.
Thank you JimM for answering so quick, and solving my issues.  What seemed to be a huge problem, was taken care of with a few clicks. 
Again, thanks for helping out this novice!
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