software KVM switch issue

  • 9 October 2013
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I use an old KVM switch to share keyboard, video and mouse betwen two machines.  One of these machines still runs XP, the other W7.  Older KVM switches don't ordinarily work with W7, but I found that installing a software KVM (Kavoom!) made the old KVM hardware work just fine.  It also allowed convenient switching between machines using on-screen buttons.
Now that I've installed WSA, the hardware continues to function properly, but software switching no longer works because the WSA firewall closes the port used by the software for switching, cut & paste between machines, etc.  This raises a general question for me in how much tailoring the user can do with the WSA firewall (opening/closing ports, etc.)?

1 reply

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This is another issue best troubleshot through log collection and analysis in the support system.  When you put in a support case for this other issue you brought up, please mention this one as well.  It may be a matter of just whitelisting some files on our end, but we'll need some logs to see if that's the case.