There is a program on my computer called SUPREMO, that I can not see in the uninstall area

  • 10 December 2015
  • 2 replies

I think this is a program that has installed it self to my computer and I need to get it uninstalled, but I can't because it would not even show up in the uninstalled in the control panel.

2 replies

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? are you a pc user or a Mac user? Are you a registered user from WSA? If so why not log a ticket at Webroot so they can get in contact with you and give you assistance on removing it...
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Please submit a support ticket as soon as possible so Webroot support can have a look. This is a FREE service to those with an active/valid subscription. Supremo is remote connection software used by scam-artists posing as tech support companies. If you have recently had any interaction with what you thought to be Microsoft support or any other support provider, then you will definitely want to do this sooner than later.