Threats removed number

  • 29 April 2016
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The threats removed number changed from 14 to 13 from one day to the next. How would this be possible?

1 reply

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Hi wuji
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I have not seen or heard of this happening before...and the only thing that I can presume is that WSA had removed some threats and quatantined the components, then on a subsequant scan an update totnhe Cloud determined that one of the threats was in fact a false postive and therefore WSA reinstated what it had previously quarantined.
Quarantined items are always included in scans, by default, for just this reason given that the information on threats/non threats is constantly being updated in the Webroot Cloud, and so a previous determination may end up being changed.
That is all I can think of in relation to the way that WSA works, and what you have described. If still peturbed by this then you can Open a Support Ticket and ask the question of the Support Team. If you do please let us know what they say. ;)
Regards, Baldrick