Unable to open WRSA.exe files

  • 17 December 2018
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Hey Webroot-
I just moved to Webroot AV a few days ago. It's loaded on a Windows 7 desktop computer with a hard-wired modem (no router, no wi-fi), I'm the only one that has access to the computer, and everything was fine with the initial install. This morning I went to look at the Program files in C: drive (WRSA.exe), but could not open the files. I  made sure any of the 'protect against process termination' or 'protect against process tampering' etc.  options  were unchecked in the Webroot dashboard. I went back to WRSA.exe and tried 'run as Administrator', went to Properties ---> Security ---> and made sure 'Full control' access was enabled, but nothing worked.

At that point I uninstalled Webroot from the computer and reinstalled it. This time I unchecked the self-defense box (can't remember the exact wording) that's located  under 'Installation Options' when loading the software.  I cleared cookies and cache, then shut down the computer for a couple of hours. Fired up the computer again with the modem unplugged (read: no Internet access), went through all the steps outlined above but still cannot access the WRSA.exe files.
What am I missing?
Thanks for your help.

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