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Hey guys,
  Just an updade on install of upgrade... I followed the suggestion of just adding the serial number and it worked great on my laptop... However when I went to manage my account on line I only saw "Mom's PC" and not "USERPC" as I did before.  So I went to the desktop.. tried to update the new serial there the same way and it imediately rebooted the system.  Booted back up and tried again, was given a message saying that Webroot could not access the internet even though my browser was connecting.  I then went to control panel - add remove programs and when trying to uninstall it sent me to a page asking me to leave a note explaining why I wanted to uninstall the program so I did.  Then gave me a message saying that "Webroot could not be un-installed because it may not have been installed in the fist place"... wierd huh???  ok... so I rebooted and inserted the purchased cd and ran setup.  It asked me for the serial and now it has accepted it and is installing now.   I will keep you updated as to the outcome.
By the way I REALLY DO appreciate the help with these issues and I can tell that you guys enjoy helping others as I do.  Can't say enough about that.. speaks for its self!

Updated as promissed:  Ok guys all is well.  The re-install on the desktop pc was successful and as far as the USERPC not showing up on the on line SecureAnywhere site.   There was a down arrow on the top right called "View" that I cilcked and selected "PC Name (A-Z)" and BAM!  there is was... showing both machines under the same NEW serial nujmber and both machines are protected and working well!!!!!     Fantastic Program - Love it!

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Robert, that's great!
However still quite unsure what caused your initial troubles ... weird :S
It might be worth to share your experience with support, so if you have a while and you are willing you can open a support ticket that will automatically collect WSA logs from your PC for perusal. Simply copy your post to the support ticket with a link to this thread, it should be enough.
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It happened to me last week on my Win Vista 32bit VM and it kept saying it couldn't connect to the Internet also and the browser opened just fine, but after a few minutes it said it was installed but never seen any install scan and the Webroot Icon was in the system tray. So I thought it was just a one time thing now Bob is having the same issue, Bob are you using Vista 32bit by any chance?


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