W32.Trojan.Gen false positives

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Thanks for the update, freydrew, much obliged.
I am sure that the Support & Development Teams are working flat out and will have the issue sorted very shortly...as they usually do.
Regards, Baldrick
Our helpdesk blew up this afternoon.  Please revert whatever change was made today
I have turned off scheduled scan and real-time shield until a fix has been pushed out. It won't undo any damage already done but will hopefully help mitigate further false positives.
the SteamVR stuff i can recover and the small apps...this could of been a WHOLE LOT WORSE to me ;w; i kinda feel bad to the ones that get like EVERYTHING paned
Hopefully we can get notified when it is fixed. We'll uninstall Webroot until a fix is available since we've never seen any way to just disable it (without reactivating on reboot).
Add Altium Designer (dxp.exe) to the list of false positives.  WR deleted the .exe and now won't allow re-download or re-installation of the software. Not good.
this also happened to me...it also is preventing me AS THE ADMIN to even put anything thats flagged in....saying i dont have permission
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Trying to restore files from quarantine, I tried from the web console and refreshed config, no go yet. Also tried to restore from the machine itself but says it is managed by the web console. Do you have a recommended method to restore files deleted by this issue? I have locked my door and hiding from the users until I have an answer.
We are finding at least a 20 minute lag time on the restores. I would not uninstall since you may lose your quarantine items...
the bigger problem is that there ARE SOME FILES that have been autodeleted without use of Quarantine, i have some but all i can recover through Steam Valadating
What happened? someone flipped the wrong switch on a Definitions update?
When is this going to be fixed?
Webroot is still killing off my XYplorer.exe process even after reinstalling fresh from their site.  I know this EXE is clean.
This is ridiculous.