Webroot chrome extension preventing a 2nd tab from opening

  • 6 July 2020
  • 4 replies

Open 1st tab , no problem. 2nd (and successive tabs), spinning circle. Just started late last week, 7/2/20. Anybody else seeing issues?


Best answer by khumphrey 6 July 2020, 19:28

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4 replies

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@bernieol ,

Have you tried disabling the Webroot extension to see if that’s actually the root of this issue? Could you try removing and then re-adding the extension if it is in fact the cause of the problem? 

I did exactly that...seems to have fixed the problem.

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@bernieol ,

So after re-adding the extension you no longer have the loading tab issue?

That is correct. Do you guys run a regression test bed when you release updates? This problem was pretty severe to me being able to use Chrome.