Webroot is slow and fussy

  • 1 October 2013
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Still having troubles.
Here's one of the scripts that I use that's being blocked like every third time I run it.
Send ^+!, ; global hotkey set in Dopus (exits dopus)Sleep, 1000Run, "C:Program FilesDirectory Opusdopus.exe", C:Program FilesDirectory Opus 
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I had to look up Directory Opus to see what it is.  It looks like it's a replacement for Windows Explorer.  @ can probably tell us if the nature of the program has something to do with the issue.  Until then, have you tried adjusting your heuristics settings down a notch or two?  The nature of the program strikes me as something that may set off a heuristic flag.  It would be good to know whether or not adjusting heuristics settings has any impact on the issue.
Yes it's a file manager.

My heuristics are set pretty low but, the weird thing is, why don't I get any confirmation dialogs? I should at least be getting a window asking me what to do with the file I'm trying to run? Because I have that setting turned on.
Edit: Also, if I run Dopus from the Run window for example, it doesn't get blocked. Only when I run it via my script.
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Have you confirmed that the script works 3 out of 3 times when Webroot is disabled?
Not as of yet. I'm gonna do some troubleshooting and report back!
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I`ll have a look at the program now and see If I can reproduce said behaviour. 
I have run the script several times now with Realtime Shield disabled, and it has worked every single time. With Realtime shield enabled, The script works maybe 60% of the time.
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Weird.  I will have to defer to our threat researchers on this issue to ensure the files are whitelisted, if they should be whitelisted.  @, any success in your investigation?
So yeah, thanks for the feedback...
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I apologise I have been working on a number of different things. I was unable to reproduce any unusual behaviour using the standard (Opus+WSA)settings. I dont know your exact setup so my test setup may not reflect the exact setup you have. Is your script just closing Opus waiting for a set time and then reloading it?
Send ^+!, ; global hotkey set in Dopus (exits dopus)Sleep, 500Run, "C:Program FilesDirectory Opusdopus.exe" Yeah, pretty much.


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