webroot wont close and using VERY HIGH cpu

  • 15 July 2020
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I think webroot may be stopping my PC [windows 10] from going to sleep


I can’t shut it down and it has very high CPU in task manager


I tried opening it [maybe a new version opened] I then went through advanced settings, and manually closed it - but the ‘version’ in task manager is still open and ‘working’

Is that a virus?

Say webrootsecureanywhere (32bit)



How do I kill that from running

Is it really webroot

Why is it running such high CPU and is it stopping my PC from going to sleep

Thanks for any help


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6 replies

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Hello @inkey 


Yes there are some issues so when you see High CPU or Memory it’s best to just Reboot the system until they come out with the next updated version. I have seen it as well at times.


Click on Picture to see full size.




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Thanks for that

I’m just glad it isn’t a virus or something pretending to be webroot


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Look at my post again as I added a picture and I see the issue as well at times and Webroot is working on a fix. Also it’s a protected process so you can’t kill it with Task Manager and Malware can’t kill it either.

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I suppose - as I opened then closed [another version of Webroot] - maybe I should reopen the other [low usage one] - as maybe the high usage one isn’t actual on/protecting me

I note you have other instances open 



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Yes there should be 4 processes now for most users please see here: there will be a few more files coming but can’t say when but just 4 processes.

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Do you have the latest version installed?