What is Webroot s policy on participating in SE Labs ?

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I personally don't know, but (US) rated it "Excellent" and "Editor's Choice" in October, 2017, their most recent review of it.  They did their own tests.
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100% secure !! kaspersky ?! you funny.
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hello webroot friends, if you look at these tests then you can only say: finger away from webroot. yes it will not please the webroot friends, but I have made myself smart in the internet and read of webroot nothing good. kaspersky, bitdefender even VIPRE is much better and 100% secure. ciao and I uninstall webroot.
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Please go easy on me.  I'm very, very new to Webroot.
Seriously, if Webroot gets terrible results in some independent tests, and doesn't enter some others, why do people prefer it to other free and paid solutions?
Greetings TOTAL Member, " so what is so special about (paid) Webroot ???? " Well for one, it has very happy and satisfied return customers just like yourself. I'm going to take it for granted that you are an intelligent individual seeing that you yourself have been a customer of Webroot for two years. If you were not satisfied with the service and protection you have been receiving, you certainly would have switched over to one of the other Internet Security Services that are available.
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@ wrote:
 "...testing did take place before two new efficacy focused features were introduced to the product "
WSA is at least 5 years old , ( if not more) by now should be a mature product with full potential.
No amount of features will improve WSA detection rate due to the "philosophy" behind WSA development.
Of course that's your opinion but not all! 
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Thank you @ and @
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Thanks for the great info @ and @
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As you might have noticed, we have just launched the Script Shield Beta and the feature will be generally available once we get through the beta and incorporate any feedback from this phase. 
Anti Exploit is an upcoming feature that is gettoing ready for Beta as well. More on that soon.
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Webroot is a voluntary participant in SE Labs testing.
Webroot will continue to be evaluated by SE Labs in the coming quarters. 
While this inital round of testing wasn't the strongest for WSA, testing did take place before two new efficacy focused features were introduced to the product. 
The SE Labs report also includes this comment. 
Webroot notes that testing occurred before it released its script and antiexploit protection.
8. The contents of this report are provided on an “AS IS” basis and accordingly SE Labs does not make any express or implied warranty or representation concerning its accuracy or completeness.