Why has WSA blocked pnputil.exe? Is it safe to unblock?

  • 20 October 2013
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Have just done a fresh Windows 7 OS  install, put WSA back on etc. Just happened to open up the GUI and noticed that it said 1 threat had been removed. Thought that was unusual, so checked it. It has blocked the file  appdata
oamingpnputil.exe. Checking on the internet, this file appears to be part of Microsofts OS and is safe and rather important.  I have submitted a report, but should I  unblock this to prevent any system problems that may occur (processes/drivers not running properly etc)?
Any advice greatly appreciated..

2 replies

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Hi Wasp
From what you are saying re. your checks, and if your are seeing behaviour that suggests that blocking is causing issues in normal functioning of the OS, I would change to 'Monitor' until you get the all clear response re. your support ticket.  Monitor will just keep a track of what the .exe does and if it causes some issues then WSA will know what it has done and should be able to roll back damage done, if any.
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Thanks Baldrick. Will set to Monitor, just incase.