why is c:/windows/system32/wbem/wmiadap.exe trying to install every time I boot up?

virus or real update??

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wmiadap.exe is a windows process file, wmiadap.exe is a Windows process which forms a part of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. The AutoDiscovery/AutoPurge ( ADAP) process transfers performance libraries to the WMI repository. This software is essential for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.
You can usually find the wmiadap.exe file in "C:/Windows/system32/WBEM/WMIADAP.EXE" folder. If it is found anywhere else,please know that wmiadap.exe may be a virus, adware, trojan, or worm. Check your PC with WEBROOT SCAN MY COMPUTERto see that it is not infected.
wow!   thanks  I will check that out!   thanks again.
I checked and had 4 files.  Tried to change or delete the three not in the correct directory but says cannot delete except for "trusted installer". 
C:WindowsSystem32wbem      good file; below? hopefully Microsoft trustedinstaller.
Ran scan and no infection shown.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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wmiadap.exe is a legitimate Windows file and why would you want to delete it? More on the file: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa394528(v=vs.85).aspx and here: http://www.file.net/process/wmiadap.exe.html but if you feel it's an infection please Submit a Support Ticket and they will give you a Security Check Free with your paid subscription!
Daniel ;)
Daniel is right. All of the files you posted are legitamate Windows files and are part of the Windows Management Instrumentation and Web-Based Enterprise Management.
Hope ths info helps,
So, if it is a valid file, why is Webroot giving a warning about installing it, with no useful details about why it is blocking it?
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Hi LRAllen1
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Sounds like a false positive (FP) to me, which happens some times. And therefore the quickest way to get that corrected is to Open a Support Ticket to let the Support Team know and get them to check/whitelist the file in question.
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Webroot atomatically blocked the file WMIADAP.EXE before I could stop it. I can't find a list in webroot for blocked files. I searched for the file and found it in 4 locations. How do I find where Webroot blocked it and how do I re-enable?
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Hello SummitAK,
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Have you looked in the Quarantine Folder? Webroot User Guide

To block or allow a file:
  1. From the system tray, double-click the Webroot icon. [img]http://sw.nohold.net/Webroot/Images/allow-block-pc_webrootsystemtrayicon.png[/img] The main interface displays. [img]http://sw.nohold.net/Webroot/Images/allow-block-pc_wsamaininterface.png[/img]  
  2. Click the PC Security gear icon.
  3. Click the Block/Allow Files tab.Any items that were previously quarantined are listed in the pane. [img]http://sw.nohold.net/Webroot/Images/allow-block-blockallowfilestab.png[/img]
Also you can Submit a Support Ticket and the Webroot Support Team can assist yiu with this issue free of charge.
How do I find the "C:/Windows/system32/WBEM/WMIADAP.EXE" folder in my computer so that I can determine whether or not I need to block the one that is trying to install each time that I start up my computer?
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The non-answers from Support on this is a very discouraging thing. If it is a legit file, which I now know it is, why would I be given the opportunity to block it on boot? I assume the OS will disallow that, but it has to be concerning to avg user, something isn’t right here.