Will whitlisting a site WSA flags allow all malware on that site to run?

  • 16 January 2014
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Hello and thanks for looking at my question..
Scenario one, a user visits a site and is alerted by your software that is a risky site. The user chooses to ignore the warning and contiunes to view the site.
in this scenario has the user told WSE to trust anything coming from this site?
I ask this because I want to visit a site that is flagged, which i find hard to believe, but I don't want to openmyself up to virus. If I don't download anything from the site and just read the text, am i still safe?

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27 replies

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yep sure did watch the vids :)
he explain everything very well and in easy to get language which is much appreciated.
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@ wrote:
would you add java.exe, javacpl.exe, jave-rmi.exe, javaw.exe and javaws.exe to application protection?
No as WSA would stop any exploit trying to download malware. And Adobe Reader still works fine even from the web and added to ID protection.