Windows server 2019 stnd bsod wrkrn.sys after updates

  • 18 January 2021
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After installing KB 4598230/4598480/4535680, i have had two bsod associated with wrkrn.sys according to the crash dump.  I see old messages with this problem already, any new issues?

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4 replies

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I haven’t installed these yet, but I had this issue with webroot and blue screens that pointed to the wrkrn.sys.  Support advised this is a known issue and wanted me to send logging to help them troubleshoot.  Unfortunately, this was a front-line server and I couldn’t spare the time.  An uninstall, delete of the programdata\wrdata folder and reinstall seemed to do the trick.  I haven’t had the issue since.

Got this today,


Webroot has received reports of symptoms similar to those that you have reported. As a temporary measure we would like you to disable some settings within your Webroot policy which may alleviate the issue.

1. Log into your Webroot console.
2. Click on the Policies tab then the policy we will be modifying
3. Under Policy Section select Local Heuristics
Set Enable Infrared to “Off”
Click the Save button
4. Under Policy Section select Network Heuristics
Set Advanced Heuristics to “Disabled”
Click the Save button

* All endpoints assigned to this policy will update within 24hrs depending on the configured poll interval.

After the policy has been applied, try to reproduce the problem followed by running our diagnostic utility for further investigation.

***Please reply to this message after following instructions below so that we know the data has been sent***

We have a 2016 server with Webroot running,  and a BSOD at the start of the shadowcopy run. 

bug Check Code: 0x000000ef

disabled shadow copy to stop this, (working).

I will look at the Webroot settings, thanks for that.