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  • 13 September 2015
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I have a question, typically whenever an update for window is available, it can be found in the action center,
 lately updates appear in a little window in the properties  almost on a daily basis, the updates in the action center can
be seen and you know what they are, but not so in the properties window, how can know what these are before instaling them?

2 replies

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If you go through setting and go to updates and security it will give you a brief description. As far as the way the updates looked in windows 7 and 8 I have not found a way to see them like that yet.
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Hi Ddavison
You are quite correct, and it is one of the annoyances for Windows 10 users that the information on what udates are upcoming is so sparse when compared with WIndows 7, when you had full control and visibility of what was waiting to install, and to a lesser extent under Winodws 8/8.1 when Microsoft was starting its clamp down.
I know that it is possible to see what is upcoming but one needs a viewer or viewer app to do that and I am fairly certain that apart from one that I know of there does not seem to be any that can show what is downloaded/ready for update.
Perhaps some enterprising developer will spot the 'gap' in the market and come up with something. ;)
Regards, Baldrick