WSA as stand-a-alone vs companion anti-malware solution - Change in marketing

  • 26 October 2014
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Prevx then Webroot/Prevx used to use as one of its major marketing features that the product was compatible with and could be used along side most any other A/V product.
As the years have passed since Prevx became part of Webroot and WSA has matured into an established stand-alone-anti-malware solution, I see very little mention of compatabilty in marketing the product.You have to look hard to find it and Webroot used to have a listing of known compatable products on its's website.
Is this just a marketing strategy based upon WSA having been developed into a mature "Top-Shelf" stand-alone-product or is there something that has been done to the program somewhere along its development timeline that has made it less compatible with other products? Is it now more likely to slow down your PC or web browsing if used as a companion product?
I hear differing views over at Wilders. Many still use it as a companion product, but more and more posters are using it as their sole anti-malware solution.

32 replies

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I am hoping Microsoft plays nicely this time.   When Windows 8 was nearing release, all the major AV vendors had of course had plenty of time to get everything working correctly.
At the last minute, under a week before release, Microsoft did some last moment changes in IE, and that created a LOT of problems.  Pretty much every AV vendor had a Windows 8 rollout with things broken as a result.  It was not the fault of the AV vendors, it was Microsoft for not allowing enough Dev time by the AV's to adjust to the changes.
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For those who find WSA uncompatible with W10.....
When I upgraded from W 8.1 to the initial W10 version, I had issues with getting WSA compatible with the installation. I have sense upgraded to 9841 and still had compatiblity issues. I bit the bullet and completely reformated my system and re-installed  a clean W8/8.1 and then reinstalled version 9841. WSA installed without any issues at that point. I also had other issues i.e. keyboard caps lock and num lock issues and with the new install, those issues cleared up.
A foot note here: I upgraded to 9926 on a spare laptop without any issues of installation but, on my primary laptop, I can not get 9926 to install even after a clean re-install of previous versions.. I do however know the reason for that but after seeing 9926 on my other laptop, I have no intentions of installing it on my primary. I DO NOT LIKE 9926 and will not  upgrade to any future versions until they get the last build changed up significantly.
just curioius if its powerful e3nough by itself
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Hi tomdy2k
Well, that is a moot point and one that it is very hard to answer as nothing is 100% all of the time...not even WSA. But, yes, WSA all on its own is more than suffcient to provide one with good, solid protection.
If you need a testimonial or review then please take a look at THIS, the latest in a long line of awards from PCMag, which more than adequately describes the protection that WSA provides.
Regards, Baldrick
I really don't care if it's compatible with any anti virus...I've got all most a year left of Kaspersky and I've trashed it...I hit the resolve button for a pup and Kaspersky corrupted my widows 10 so that it could take up to two hours to boot up..couldn't even reset windows..Had to take to Best Buy to get win..10 re-installed.....
I just bought WSA secure anywhere and so far so great...
The dorks on you tube give WSA bad reviews but they are expert at being wanna bes...
Wilders said youtube reviewers are most idiots..........
I own hitman pro alert pro 3.7    Is it compatible with WSA or is WSA better alone?
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I used the two together and did not notice any problems, true for only 30 days. (HitmanPro Alert trial)
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Thanks for chiming in, @!