Zero Threats Detected, Every Scan?

  • 13 December 2018
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Wouldn't you say it's strange that Webroot never detects a threat? I've run it here and there but it's perfectly clean - I find that a bit tough to believe as other programs seem to find things...for example products from Glary, etc.

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If you don't go to websites where malware/viruses typically "hang out", and Webroot also does its job to block your system from being infected in the first place, then no, it's not strange at all that your system scan always comes back clean.  
In the nearly five years I've been using Webroot I've had four close calls, with those close calls being Webroot blocking the infection before it ever took place.  I use four on-demand scanners on my computer, in addition to Webroot, and they always come up clean, as well.  Webroot simply does its job.  
And remember, today's browsers help to keep your system clean by blocking infected sites, as well.