can't log in to bank account

  • 26 December 2014
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can go to web page of my account but will not let me log in

5 replies

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Hi tigertom
A Yuletide Welcome to the Community Forums.
Can you advise as to exactly how you are prevented from logging in?  Is the usual credential entry screen not accessible? Is a message displayed during the login process?
We really need a little more information to be able to start trying to assist you with your issue.
Regards, Baldrick
I go to the web page and put in user and password and hit sign in and nothing no message no nothing when i log in to my account a second window open after putting in user and password it transfers my account info then finishes loging me in ever since i pu web root on bank account will not load could it be thier security system
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Hi Tigertom
OK, thanks for the feedback...please try the following to see if WSA may be blocking or restricting/what you can do your browser:
Click on the cog/gear symbol to the right of the Identity Protection tab in the main application panel.  On the next panel displayed click on the tab marked Aplication Protection.  Then in the panel displayed check through the list of apps/files on the left hand side for one that corresponds to your browser (all main browsers should be added automatically to the list but in some cases not).
If you find the entry check the status of that entry as indicated by the Protect, Allow & Deny options...if the entry is flagged as Deny then click the option under Protect to change the setting.
If the browser is not listed on the lefthand side click on the Add Application button (bottom right hand corner) and navigate to the appropriate folder in which the browser .exe resides.  When you find it highlight it and click on the Open button to add it to the Protection List...making sure that the status is set to Protect rather than Allow or Deny.  Close WSA and then try the failing activity again to se eif that has helped/resolved the issue.
Please post back to let us know how you get on and if we need to consider a Plan C.
Regards, Baldrick 
Thanks very much I thought since it was not letting me in i had a bug or something what it end up been is the pup up from the credit union to check security I think what was happen was webroot and thier security was butting heads.
Thanks Very much for your time
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Hi Tigertom
Thanks for getting back to us and letting us know.  Is this now resolved for you, i.e., have WSA and the Bank's security stopped butting heads?  If so then what did you have to do at your end or was it something that the Bank did at their end?
Usually, when this sort of thing happens and it is due to a popup then it turns out to be the browser and/or any popup blocker that may be active, rather than WSA per se.
Would be interested to know how it was actually resolved/what if any settings were adjusted.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Regards, Baldrick