Counter-Strike player releases fake hacks, gets thousands of cheaters banned

  • 3 February 2016
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Adam Westlake - Feb 3, 2016                                           Counter-Strike may be one of the older options when it comes to picking an online FPS, but it still has a hardcore following, and if there's anything a dedicated fanbase hates most, it's cheating. Fortunately, one player has fought back, and in turn become the hero that fans need most. Known as AndroidL on Reddit, the player released a number of fake hacks for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, targeted them at cheaters, and in turn got over 5,000 banned from the game by developer ValveFull Article

1 reply

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Fantastic, good to hear someone is doing something about it!, just Team Fortress 2 to go I guess.
We need to build a hack-light, like a bat-light for the batman but for "hackman", thats what I shall be calling him from now on 😃.