EVGA GTX 970, Razer DeathStalker & Razer DeathAdder Giveaway

  • 3 November 2014
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49 replies

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Best of luck to you!!
Feel free to ask any questions you have if you decide to download the trial!
I'am a gamer and I'm already enjoying the protection and light resource load of my Webroot SecurityAnywhere for almost 6months and counting. Thanks for the chance!
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Congratulations to Alex F for winning the November EVGA GTX 970, Razer DeathStalker & Razer DeathAdder Giveaway!!!
We have another one starting this week, so stay tuned for your chance to win! :D

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@ wrote:
Should have been global!
It would be nice if it were global, but given the complexities of dealing with different countries taxes, Customs, import/export regulations, etc etc it just is not very feasible 😞  Unfortunately, for that reason, I think all Webroot contest rules are the same.
Would love to win that beast of a gpu and mouse 🙂
Great help for a gamer like me
Man this would be a nice upgrade for my Gateway pc
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I just don't like what it can do to your Twitter account?

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The Facebook permissions are not quite as broad, and you can enter by email address as well instead of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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Thanks David I didn`t want to enter but I now see the other options. But to many unwanted premissions to add to Twitter.
Daniel 😉
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I do not like accepting Facebook apps at all... so I will enter by email 🙂
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You can always revoke permissions to the app after the contests is over.
Good Luck all This would be a nice updrade for me
MIKE you rock! Great to have you in Folsom for fall LANFest not only as a platinum sponsor, but also for the heads up on Webroort and the free trial. So wished I would of known of this antivirus software. Would of made all the difference with one of my pc crashed late Saturday while at lanfest. No thanks to Norton, which sucks the life out of my system. Been waiting for Devil'S Canyon from Intel for a few years to finally build me a custom themed liquid gaming rig. My I be so lucky and win me some swagg! Any statistics on which OS of Windows is best supported with the least issue's?
I need that GTX 970!
NEver had any experience playing with such a powerfull card nor money to buy this card.
so only option is to win this thing  
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r3ckless wrote:
so how does this version compare to the regular webroot SA i already use?
Techie4Life wrote:
So what's the difference with the gaming edition vs the business edition that I already have?
Hello r3ckless, & Techie4Life,
Welcome to the Community!
Maybe I can share some light with the WSA PC GAMER and WSA Business , WSA AV
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@ wrote:
Thanks for the reply. I see that there are management differences in the two products and I get that. But from a technical protection standpoint is there any difference in the way the product functions?
I may be mistaken, but I believe that the Business Endpoint does not yet have the Web Filter Extensions for internet browsers.  That should be the only difference in the core protections.
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@ wrote:
Hmm I thought it did have the web filter extensions. I see the extension checking before every webpage is loaded.. maybe that's a remnant leftover from when I had the non-business version.
Good to know that they are effectively the same though.
You can always try a CLEAN reinstall, but I tried that last week.  When I removed the Home version and installed the Endpoint, I had no extensions.  When I reverted back to the Home version, the extensoins were back.
I think that eventually the extensions will be in the Endpoint, as the Endpoint Console DOES have settings for it, but as to an ETA I have no idea at all
Congrats Alex F well done
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@ wrote:
I so want to win this! How do i enter?
Simply click one of the media buttons on Mike's first post, between the image, and the Terms and Conditions.  You can use Email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to log in and enter.
WEBROOT  is seriously an awesome helpful tool for pc.
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I wish I would have known as well, I probably could have recovered the machine and installed Webroot onto it. :robotsad:
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I think it's just preference at this point. I think 7 is a bit less resource heavy than 8. Personally, I think the new 8.1 will be the best since it's fixing/polishing up Windows 8.
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Flat out the fastest lightest AV solution out there 🙂