GTA-V PC Graphics Performance Review

  • 14 April 2015
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Winter has been coming .. twice for the PC community to finally enjoy Grand Theft Auto V on that true gamers platform, the PC. The game after an announcement delay back in 2012 was released September 17, 2013 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One. Afterward the PC launch version got postponed, delayed and then once more delayed, to much annoyance of the community. Back in Q1 of this year the game was again pushed back, now to be released April 14th, 2015.
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5 replies

how do I allow GTAV to get through my firewall to access files?
Right now this is my biggest problem.
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Please have a look here at these PC User Guide articles that can help you with unblocking...and allowing..
Controlling active processes
Blocking/Allowing files
Managing protected applications
Managing active connections
The best route is Opening a Support Ticket so that everyone with similar issues can have the program  whitelisted.
thanx I think i saw that the next problem which I see plenty of people having is access control tab and forgetting their password. or not know they set one up and haveing the 20 step process to fix that, reset that. so look for my ticket once I figure out how to send one in... The support process is a pain in the arse for security reasons i'm sure not to make my day a living hell of course...
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You dont need to setup anything to access the control applications part of the client. I also haven't seen any tickets in regard to GTA5. Generally big games if there is an issue we will see tickets right away.
sorry to confuse in order to adjust any setting, to my understanding, I need to use the password that was inputed into the Access Control tab under the Advance Settings.
I do not know what that password is and don't remember setting one up as it would be under note in my LASTPASS db