Hack skirmish also grounded Sony exec's flight

  • 25 August 2014
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XBox and Battle.net networks also targeted

By Darren Pauli, 25 Aug 2014
While distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks hosed not only Playstation Network but also XBox and Battle.net networks, it's emerged that a fake bomb threat also grounded US flight 362, while Sony executive John Smedley was aboard.
A group (@LizardSquad was tweeting threats and invective in the vernacular of the since scuttled LulzSec hacker outfit, laughing as the PlayStation online gaming network went offline.
Online gaming for Xbox Live including the new One and the older 360 consoles was now affected, with connectivity rated as "limited".
http://regmedia.co.uk/2014/08/25/fvbnjkiuh.pngXbox Live service alert
Earlier hackers launched DDoS against Battle.net affecting games including World of Warcraft, Diablo III, and League of Legends. Other games including the popular EVE Online game appeared to have been affected.
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August 25th, 2014, 08:21 GMT · By Ionut Ilascu
A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack hit Sony servers on Sunday, and the hacker claiming responsibility for it says that one server was crippled by 263.35 Gbps of junk traffic.

News broke that a hacker collective going under the name of Lizard Squad directed a large DDoS attack against Sony Online Entertainment and PlayStation Network services.

However, it appears that the group’s contribution to the incident was to merely take credit for the deed and bring more attention to it by tweeting a bomb scare to the flight carrying SOE's president John Smedley from Dallas to San Diego.
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Author: Zeljka Zorz/ HNS Managing Editor/ Posted on 25 August 2014
Sony's PlayStation Network has been hit with and downed by a large DDoS attack this weekend, but is now back online a functioning as it should.

"Like other major networks around the world, the PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network have been impacted by an attempt to overwhelm our network with artificially high traffic," the company explained in a blog post on Sunday. "Although this has impacted your ability to access our network and enjoy our services, no personal information has been accessed."

Later that day they explained that they took the two networks offline due to the DDoS attack, and confirmed that there is "no evidence of any intrusion to the network and no evidence of any unauthorised access to users’ personal information."

Help Net Security/ Full Article Here/ http://www.net-security.org/secworld.php?id=17290
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The following article is a further update on Sony PSN DDoS attack
(Coincidence or Not, Sony PlayStation Hit by DDoS and CEO’s Plane under Bomb Threat)
By: Alexandra Gheorghe  Posted on 8/25/2014
Sony suffered a denial-of-service attack that rendered the PSN network unavailable for a short period of time, according to a Twitter announcement.
“We are under attack by a large scale ddos. Being dealt with but it will impact games until it’s handled,” John Smedley, CEO of Sony’s online entertainment division, tweeted.
In a recent blog update, the company confirmed the “artificial high traffic” flooding and added: “we have seen no evidence of any intrusion to the network and no evidence of any unauthorized access to users’ personal information.”
Two hackers calling themselves Lizard Squad and Famed God took responsibility for the attack and warned about the company’s poor security through a series of Twitter messages, including one that offered to publicly release the tool used to disturb the PSN network.
HotforSecurity/ Full Article Here/ http://www.hotforsecurity.com/blog/coincidence-or-not-sony-playstation-hit-by-ddos-and-ceos-plane-under-bomb-threat-9973.html
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By: Sara Peters/ Posted on 8/26/2014
Hacktivists from Anonymous and from a presumed Islamic extremist group targeted a variety of online gaming services.
Services are up and running again after a denial of service took down Sony's PlayStation Network for much of Sunday, coinciding with a bomb threat on American Airlines flight 362, which carried John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment. The threats caused the airline to divert the flight.
Other online gaming services -- including Microsoft's XBox Live, Eve Online, and the services that host World of Warcraft and Diablo III -- also experienced disruptions. The culprits seem to be hacktivists, but just which hacktivists is unclear, because several are trying to take credit for the attack, citing different motives.
DarkReading/ Full Article Here/ http://www.darkreading.com/sony-xbox-victims-of-ddos-hacktivist-threats/d/d-id/1306656?