how do i allow a blocked site

  • 9 April 2016
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how do i allow a blocked web site

1 reply

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Hi patjheller
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I presume that what you are seeing is the Web Threat Web Page displayed when you try to access the site? Similar to the one below?

Well, if you are sure about the site being safe despite the warning then there are a couple of things to do; most immediately you can click on 'Tell me more about it' which will reveal a few more options amongst which is an option to 'Unblock & proceed'.
If you click on that then the site will be whitelisted locally and you should in future be able to access it without issue.
The more long tem thing to do is to go to this site and request a URL Reputation Change so that the Threat Researchers can review the site and if approrpiate adjust the reputation of the site in terms of how WSA treats it...the request is simple to undertake (just follow the instructions on the page).
Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick