I am having problems with Pogo games

  • 20 June 2016
  • 2 replies

I am having problems with playing Pogo games.  Their support is garbage, they basically tell me that Internet Explorer is not upto date, that I should use firefox. I am wondering if it is the Webroot settings

2 replies

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Hey there Nancygo
Welcome to the Webroot community!
If your Pogo gaming site is the one I have in mind, then if you are having issues regarding your browser or flash not being up to date then you should receive a window with the following content:

Just something to think about whilst support get back to you, and it might actually be a good idea to try another browser to see if that helps at all. You never know. :)
All the best
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Can you please Submit a Support Ticket as it could be a simple thing as getting some files whitelisted in the Webroot Cloud Database.
Daniel 😉