Microsoft Xbox One Developer teases external storage option coming soon

  • 19 May 2014
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Microsoft Xbox One Developer Teases External Storage Option Coming Soon
by Paul Lilly
Games aren't getting any smaller these days, and though Microsoft gives gamers 500GB of internal storage to play with on the Xbox One console, you might find that you're filling it up faster than you thought you would. What's a hardcore gamer to do? Hang tight -- it would appear that Microsoft is getting ready to support external storage options in the near future.
A known Xbox One developer who goes by the handle "XboxOneDev" on Reddit posted a picture of the Xbox One user interface that shows 589.9GB of free space remaining, with 29.4 percent being used. If completely empty, that would equate to 830GB of available storage. Over on the right, a pop-up box displays the words, "External Drive Ready".
If you factor in the space you need for system files and space lost to Xbox One formatting, you can surmise that the developer attached a 1TB drive to the Xbox One. Whether or not larger drives will be supported by the future update isn't known, but hey, being able to add at least 1TB of additional storage isn't too shabby. The developer didn't say exactly when the update will trickle down from developers to consumer consoles, though he did say it will come "Soon..."
Another unknown is the type of hard drive that will be supported. The Xbox One has three SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports.
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