Valve looses legal refund battle.

  • 29 March 2016
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Back in 2014, Valve entered a legal battle with the Australian Consumer Commission, for refusing to give refunds on digitally purchased games on their Steam platform. This battle has been going on for some time now and has come to an end with Valve on the loosing side. Strangely enough, Valve changed its policy soon after the trial started allowing customers to claim refunds on nearly all games purchased, without any real reason... Or close to it. Whether or not that will impact on the fines given to Valve, which could go up to $AU 1.1 million ($839,000) per breach, is yet to be seen. 
Steam customers have been more than supportive to the legal battle, they have been saying that they feel more secure making purchases on steam, knowing that they can get a refund if the game does not reach expectations. I for one have utilised the refund options on Steam more than once, and have to stay its a big step forward with digital purchases. Lets hope other digital platforms change their return polices in the future to reflect vale's. 
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