Webroot Filtering Extension for Chrome

  • 9 December 2014
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I have recently purchased Webroot for PC Gamers Antivirus, however the webroot filtering extension for chrome is not working, after extensive troubleshooting with webroot support today they told me my subscription does not include access to the webroot filtering extension. My understanding is that Webroot Antivirus for PC Gamers does include the webroot filtering extension and it should be working. thanks in advance for your help.

30 replies

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This has been on going all day!
Hellooo I'm more interested now then earlier by thinking it's a simple fix and then Dan explodes with all the great graphics!
Learning from the best!:D
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Was a set of key codes accidentally set with the wrong permissions?  (Yes, i have seen that happen in the past) If so.. which set, the old or the new?  And most interestingly, what to do about it....  
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Ok, to add to the confusion, some of the older gamer keycodes have the web filter authorization, and the newer ones apparently don't.  I'm still trying to find someone here who can tell me if it is supposed to be one way or the other.  It's like a detective mystery :)
I got my keycodes from Newegg.com on Sept 2nd, 2014 very odd indeed!
Perhaps Newegg does the Digital Downloads in the same manner as Best Buy.  Best Buy obtains a large bank of key codes at one time.. they are not generated on the fly.  Once that bank runs low, more are obtained.  Perhaps Newegg was or still is on the initial bank of key codes so they ARE techinally of the "old" variety.
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Ok I talked with the folks here who manage the keycodes and they've been able to get this fixed for the gamer keycodes.  You should now be seeing the web filter extention if you have a gamer keycode - if you still aren't able to get it working please let me know!
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Awesome Nic and thanks for the Update!
Daniel 😉