Why do I keep getting pop-ups? Even on this site!

  • 28 December 2014
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Why do I keep getting pop-us? Even on this site!

5 replies

Thanks for all your help! I have contacted support at Webroot and am waiting for them to help me. Thanks again.
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Thank you for getting back to us.
The research I've found  is this below.
(You can i believe uninstall from the control Panel Add Remove Programs but your also have to mess with the registry so this is not what you want to do yourself.)

Call for Great Tech Support pop-up virus is defined as a malicious adware program. It is not only able to hijack your web browsers, but also can bring you various troubles. Normally, Call for Great Tech Support pop-up virus can sneak into your computer while you are installing unsafe software or visiting an unreliable website. After installation, it will begin its malicious activities immediately. First of all, it modifies browser and DNS settings in secret, so as to control your web browser. As a result, your homepage and default search engine are replaced by other unknown site automatically and you can’t recover the original one. Secondly, all your search results are rerouted to other irrelevant websites which contain many advertisements. You have to try a lot of times to get the information you want. 
Please issue the Support Ticket. 
This free of charge with an active subscription!
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 What kind of popups are you getting may I ask? EDIT: I have to emphasize this
You could be getting PUAs.
This can be very important to us if we know what kind of popups you are getting.But in the meantime ..
May I suggest that you add a popup blocker to your browser?
Adblock Edge for Firefox
Adguard AdBlocker for Chrome
Internet Explorer there is AdBlock Plus 
Ublock for Chrome  which is lighter for some who like to use this one instead of Adguard.
Hope this helps!
The pop-up on this site "NP Call for Great Tech Support". On Ebay there is all kinds of pop-ups trying to sell me something. I have a new laptop and that is where I'm seeing them. On my desk top I don't have this problem? Thanks for your reply!
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Hello gmj411,

You are welcome!

That's why we are here is to help others whenever we can. :)

Support should get back to you shortly but as its a weekend it probably won't be till Monday or so.

Have a nice day!

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