Why should I pay for the PC Gamers edition? I already bought the the regular. It doesn't even work.

  • 4 October 2016
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IMO I should get the Gamers with the regular Webroot.  But then that didn't work anyway so why do I even care.

1 reply

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Hey there Nongeek and welcome to the Webroot Community! 
I am sorry to hear that your first experience with Webroot products was not a good one, please if you have any issues in the future feel free to get in touch with one of us here on the Community or get in contact with support (trouble ticket link at the bottom of this post) 
In regards to your question with the main difference between the two products, PC gamers edition offers the exact same protection except it offers some extra features and it goes for the other types aswell.
An example of this can be:  The PC gamers edition offers a System Optimizer whereas the others don't and if you was to purchase the Plus edition then you get protection for your mobile devices as well. 
These all depend on your needs and you can find more information regarding these differences at the following links:
Normal and Plus edittions
Pc gamer Edditions
Hope this helps clear things up, if not get back to us and I'll poke one of our expert product advisers to get in touch. 
All the best