Windows 10 For gamers?

  • 30 July 2015
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So  I have returned after a brief break away from support sites but I am back , and to kick off i am here to talk to the lucky few who reserved  their copies ofwindows 10 from the desktop and got them on the day and was not only lucky with that lot but did battle with the microsoft servers to download it in a timely manner about the gaming experiences they have had.
I know that it has built in Xbox compatibility (I am a ps4 player so that does not interest me sadly ) and can record footage even from steam ran games so this is a feature I would use but I am looking mostly at the game stability at launch, hardware optimisations and overall direct x performance 
Anyone have any opinions 😃?
Thanks guys Brad

2 replies

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I'm excited for the new DirectX version but I don't have any current gen consoles so the streaming part doesn't matter to me.
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I just hope steam and then like  are on the ball because I have a fear of my games not working once I have updated haha