Windows 10 Not Restarting?

  • 22 June 2016
  • 1 reply

So I found a couple of viruses and Webroot asked me if I wanted to restart it, I clicked on restart and it's been over 10 minutes and hasn't rebooted. Right now it's stuck on the Restarting screen. Is this part of the removal?

1 reply

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Hi _CH_
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I am not aware that this is part of the removal process but whatever it is itbshould notbbe delayingbthe reboot like that. I would therefore suggest that you restart your system and assuming that it boots up correctly then run a further scan with WSA.
If you are not happy with the suggested approach then I would Open a Support Ticket (if you have access to another system) or Call the Support Team to verify what your next step should be.
Please let us know what you decide and what occurs, etc.
Regards, Baldrick