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  • 9 December 2013
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1.  I've had WSA IS installed for about a month or so.  I'm just learning about using it.  However, I couldn't pass up the NewEgg deal of 5-user WSA Complete.  Can I add on this new license to my current license even though they are different versions?  If not, should I update with the new license key or just hold off until my current license expires?
2.  I purchased the 5 -user license for my family members.  I talked my son into reluctantly installing WSA.  But, it apparently caused a problem for him and now he's mad at me.  The problem it apparently caused is related to WinAmp.  A quote from his was "I'm not impressed with it deleting all my playlists and preferences in Winamp."  Does anyone have any experience with this and/or why it happened or what to do about it?

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Hi Alex
Glad to hear from you.  I know exactly what you mean and find my self in a very similar position...but I am trying to let the Interweb take as much of the strain as possible...but definitively the Xmas cards are the most there is no real shortcut. ;)
Anyway, no rush re. the raising of the new feature request...I am now on vacation until just before New Year and so should be much more online than previously.  If you would like to 'discuss' the Ideas post beforehand then please PM me and I will do my best to get straight back to you, otherwise just PM me when you have submitted and I will immediately take a look.  I plan to set aside some time shortly to reread what you & your son posted in this thread, collate that with my thoughts/experience of the current functionality and then add comment to you request (assuming that you have not already covered all the bases...:D).
In the meantime, take it as easy as you can in the run up to the big day...Seasons Greetings to you & yours.
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Idea Exchange posted. Thank you sir!
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Hi Alex
Great stuff! :D
I am just back from some family time out so I will accquaint myself with what has been going on in the Forums while I have been away and then I will scoot over to the Ideas Exchange to go over what you (and your son have come up with).  I may add some thoughts of my own (have been reviewingthe area over the weekend) but then again, if I agree with what you have need to comment. ;)
Many thanks for taking the time to contribute.