• 14 June 2016
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"Account Activation Needed"
"You need to verify your email to activate your account"
(First I check My Account.  Status is "Active" Product is "Complete"  Subscription is "251 Days")
But of course I can't initiate a scan or operate any of the controls so, I go I use their tool and push the button and copy the Keycode to clipboard and paste it so I can read it.  Then I go to my email and it tells  me to enter two characters from my keycode (they randomly tell me which ones).  I dutifully enter them and get an error message, over and over, until they lock me out for trying so hard.  And yes, I know the difference between O and 0, etc.
So...what now?

1 reply

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Hi tmorro,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
Sorry to hear of this happening to you. Your best bet would be to Submit a Support Ticket or call during bussiness hours
The Support team will gladly assist you in resolving this.