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Adding a Keycode into a Console

  • 31 January 2013
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I purchased a new copy of Webroot instead of renewing my old one.  When I installed it on my computers, the web console does not reflect the reinstallations.  How do I get the online console to reflect that I am using a new keycode and that the computers are protected?


Try adding your new keycode in the "Manage Keycodes" section of the web console. When you sign in, click your email address at the top right, go to "Manage Keycodes," and choose to "Add Product Keycode."  Once the new keycode exists in the console, the console will understand that it should start displaying that subscription data.
Note: Currently, if you use the Password Management feature, support will need to assist you in this process to retain functionality beyond the expiration date of the original keycode.  Please contact support for assistance in associating your account to the proper keycode.

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