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  • 17 May 2012
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I didn't see another message like this one, please forgive me if there's a duplicate thread. I am interested in purchasing the "Essentials" product, but noticed the "Complete" version also includes Android device protection. Does anyone know if this is in addition to the 3 PCs covered by the product, or if each Android device counts against the 3 PCs covered?

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Hello Simplybecky,
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Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete covers 3 PCs, as well as 3 additional Android devices protection which means it can cover 6 devices in total.
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I have 2 pcs and 2 tablets and 2 phones .... 6 devices.  is that still ok?    
Hi RobM!
Are the tablets and phones all Android?  If so, we would need to sell you the next level up in our licensing, which would cover up to 5 PCs and 5 Android devices.  We would be able to get you a discount on that, and we are currently offering some specials.  I would encourage you to give our sales team a call at 1-866-612-4268, to get the best deal possible.  Once you purchase, we will send download/activation info to your email so you will still be able to install electronically.  Let me know if you have any questions.
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Or .. I could use the free version on one of the devices... I mean I have to use the free version now because I can't get the Complete version to work because of login errors.  which I have been told is a known issue
You could cover your 2 PCs and 3 of the 4 Android devices with SecureAnywhere Complete, and use the free Webroot Security and AntiVirus on the fourth Android.  But I think we should help you resolve the login issue, then discuss your upgrade options to the 5 seat version.  Have you tried creating a new user in the online console and using that new user email/password for logging into the mobile device?
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