Automatic Login for password management is not Automatic

  • 12 December 2012
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When using the password managagement feature I want to be able to type in a site and have it log me in automatically without having to click the autofill popup. If I check the password section of the mywebroot console, the sites I want to auto login to have the boxes checked for automatic fill and automatic login. Is there a way to do this without clicking the autofill button at every login page? 

Best answer by nandy 28 March 2014, 16:07

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28 replies

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If you contact support they should be able to move the license key over to your existing account so you can restore all your links and saved passwords.
no change in email address, login id, or password.
I just noticed as the GS guy was entering the information to install the key code was different. Also the keycode that shows up when I open webroot and look at "My account" is different than what I had before and what is posted on my renewal receipt. BUT!! it works now, so PLEASE no more help behind the veil. We will see next year when renewal rolls around again if a new problem pops up. 
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Glad to hear it is working now!