back up in the cloud is ok but i prefer to back up on an external device. how do i do that?

  • 30 November 2015
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i dont see any options listed for back up location and I want to back up to thumb drive not the cloud how do I change that?

2 replies

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use file explorer & manually copy files when it does not concern system files. Else use some sort of backup software ( simple versions may be included in your OS )
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Hi mattdoug58
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WSA is a security application that provides its users, of the Complete version, the facility to back up data, etc., into the Webroot Cloud.  That is all.
As Edwin has advised if you want to do that to an external drive there are a number of options available within Windows, either as Edwin has explained or if you want to schedule such backups to external drives you can leverage these features in a more elegant way by downloading a copy of SyncToy ( and running that under the Task Scheduler (have not checked if there is a Win 10 compliant version).
Otherwise there is plenty of freeware apps out there that will do a similar job.
Regards, Baldrick