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  • 2 December 2019
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Whenever my pc does a background scan and the little green box pops up to tell me all is ok I have started getting a windows message in the notification area telling me to check my antivirus as webroot and defender are off, which they are not as I can see and interact with them in the taskbar.

This only started happening a week or so ago and I didn't worry to much about it at the time, but now I am wondering what's going on


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4 replies

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Hey there @krahl ,

If you can see and interact with the working functions of Webroot and Windows defender, then this is likely a “false-negative” on the Windows side. You can run scans and everything with both softwares, correct?


Could you post a screenshot of the windows message going up? Perhaps one of our members on the community has had something similar happen to them.

If you are truly concerned about your protection, I’d try contacting our Support team. I’d bet that this is something they’ve seen before. You can contact them at




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Hello @krahl ,

I have been experiencing this po-pup as well but was unable to get that screenshot on this occurrence. This has happened a couple of times in the last few days. I just ignore the glitch because Webroot turns back on to active after a few seconds. When I click on the pop-up I see this Window below:

BTW: I am running v9.0.27.49 (Beta) .  I might try a uninstall/reinstall to see if this message clears up… so @khumphrey  you are somewhat correct that this is a False-negative but this should not be happening IMO.


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I am only getting it on my PC with the release version of Webroot which is running windows 1909,  my other pc running the beta does not seem to have the problem, but that is running windows 1903 still.



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Thanks @krahl 


i just found the thread that I was looking for so please have a look here:


You may want to Submit that Support Ticket anyways as suggested by @khumphrey :thinking: