Backup drivnig me nuts!

  • 23 September 2012
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I start my "Complete" program and hit backup & sync.  It SAYS it's "Loading," but nothing happens.  I hit "open file manager" and it asks me to sign in, which I do... But nothing ever happens.  It keeps asking me to sign in over and over... not rejecting the sign in...Just not reacting after I sign in.  I checked the PC Security computers protected and it says 6 computers protected... even though I only have one. Sometimes I get an error message telling me to shut down the computer and start over... Which I do...Only to experience the same frustrations!    I simply want to backup my computer!   Thanks, Dave

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9 replies

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Good news for Backup & Sync Users!  ;)
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I wonder if they're moving away from the Sugarsync model.
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Dave, you could try reinstalling the Sync component. As TripleHelix pointed out, the Backup & Sync part of the program is about to be replaced with a better version, but in the short term, we can probably still get this resolved for you anyway.

First, navigate over to your WRData folder.
XP: C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataWRData
Vista/7: C:ProgramDataWRData

Then, locate WRSyncManager, which should be in the PKG folder. Double-click it once. You will not see anything happening visibly, because this is a background utility that you normally shouldn't ever need to use manually. Give it about 5 minutes. Longer is ok if you forget about it. Now is a good time to go make a sandwich or a cup of coffee. When you return, restart your computer. After restarting, your Backup & Sync will probably start working when you attempt to use it again. If not, there may be some manual removal required for the backup component, and I'd be happy to help you out with that. Please let us know how this goes, and if necessary, I'll follow up with a support ticket to assist further.
Thanks Jim,
I'm attempting the procedure now.
Hi Jim,
I followed the instructions and over a dozen files were updated within the PKG file folder... but the program still refuses to work.  I followed the instructions, shut the computer down and restarted it a few times to no avail.  I also attempted to refresh the PKG file before trying again a couple of times.  The backup and sync says it's loading... but there is no movement in the load bar what so ever.  My Magic Brief Case is still "empty" and my Back-up button does not do anything when clicked upon.  
Thank you,
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Dave, I'm sorry that didn't work for you. We can likely take care of the problem via manual removal of the backup component. I just set up a support ticket for you, and I'll be happy to help you through that procedure. Please follow up through the support system to set up a time, and I'll be sure to follow up.
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@ wrote:
As TripleHelix pointed out, the Backup & Sync part of the program is about to be replaced with a better version
Are you able to confirm whether the newer version is still based on the Sugarsync model or is it different?
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The model will be similar to what you're used to with the SugarSync model (cloud-based, no need to perform complicated manual backups) in the forthcoming backup redesign, but also improved upon.
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I don't actually use it, but just wondered. I take notice . 😉