Backup & Sync Transition 2013

  • 16 October 2012
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Thank you everyone for making us aware of your Backup & Sync issues.
Edit: Thank you all for providing the useful information regarding your Backup & Sync transitions. At this time, if you have received a message saying that your transition is complete, you should now be able to access and use the Backup & Sync feature through the program and within your MyWebroot Account as intended. If however, your migration has completed but you are still experiencing Backup & Sync issues, please Open a Support Ticket so our support team (who are working very closely with developers and the QA Team) can investigate your case on an individual basis. Alternatively, if you are a new Webroot customer and you are experiencing Backup & Sync issues, please follow the aforementioned link to open a support ticket.
Edit 11/15/2012: Backup & Sync transitions should now be complete. If you are experienceing any issues with the new solution and with new rules/settings for your backup needs, please Open a Support Ticket so that our technicians can assist you.
I have combined some similar topics and discussions with this main thread on Backup & Sync.

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My Backup and Sync is still showing 2GB. After the update the issues I am having with my Backup and Sync are constantly changing from one problem to another. Even my Web Console resorted back to Sugar Sync which only shows a couple of MP3 files that I backed up as a 'test'. Basically my Essentials is really nothing more than an Anti virus program now. A day after it upgraded I was able to backup some files, and then everything went wrong. I can't get back into the web console no matter how I try to log in. I just get SugarSync. There are a lot more issues happening with it now. Thank goodness it hasn't affected the virus protection portion of the program.
I do have a support ticket in, but I am not getting a lot of the issues resolved.
What is going to happen if these issues can't be resolved?  😠
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I was wandring as my backup and sync has  now been out of action for the past 10 days or so when it is likely to be operational again. Can anyone please give any indication of the timescale for the full transition to take place. Im an essentials customer  pressumiing it will not work again  until my keycode is migrated over to the complete version. Also I can not access through th web console. It asks me to register then says the keycode is already registerd.This new version does not display the padlock on maximum security.
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Hi Steve as it's late now Friday MikeR will online Sunday afternoon if you don't want to wait till then you can contact the Webroot Support inbox to see if they have an answer?
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Hey steve,
Your account is still in the middle of migration and you are correct that it will be available after it is converted. However, you should have access to your backed up files through your MyWebroot Account. I am looking at your support ticket and it looks like they needed to collect logs to investigate further. Please follow the instructions and submit the logs and I will keep an eye on the ticket.
I apologize for the wait, you should be able to access the online console. Are there any other error messages gives when you try to login?
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Hi MikeR,
When I log in it just says the username or password is invalid. I have uploaded the logs as requested.
Many thanks
Sorry about this but I am going to have to make a big bleat. Maybe I am just impatient or too perfectionist (nobody else seems to be complaining as loudly as me) but, whilst at first view I was impressed with your new in-house version of Backup & Sync, I am now really unhappy with it.
For a start, it is not doing the main thing I want to use it for: to sync my data swiftly and efficiently between my two (and in future possibly three) computers. Any Desktop files or files from the Webroot Anywhere folder (which I have tried only as a test folder) do admittedly sync correctly and efficiently, but my data files seem to take for ever, when modified, to update to the cloud and do not appear to sync changes to the second computer at all. I wrote to Support about this but their answer was simply to ask me to read a Help page. When I told them (after reading it) that I had already carefully read the same thing from their WSA help pages, they said that the help pages I was referring to had been removed from their Website because they referred to the old version. Not true: for example, .
Then again, I had a problem with Webroot’s transitioning of my data from the old to the new version. My Documents folder was generated in triplicate (!!!) to the new Cloud storage version. This was creating conflicts, so I asked Support if I should delete everything in the Cloud and start again. I asked this twice but each time I didn’t get a straight reply to my question but rather a reference to the Anywhere folder (which I don’t actually use!).
On top of this, I had big problems deleting the duplicates (or rather triplicates) of the My Documents storage folder as I was constantly getting error messages saying that the deletion process had failed. Having eventually succeeded after many error messages in getting them sent to their respective Recycling Bins and then emptying those Bins, I now find the size of one of the relevant Storage Folders wrongly displaying 64 instead 662MB.
The problem, as I see it from my point of view as an end-user, is that the new version has been released too prematurely and as a result is full of bugs. When I was upgraded to version 8.0.x, I was an existing Essentials customer and as such was allowed to continue with 2GB of Backup & Sync storage space until licence renewal. 2 GB is all I need but to continue with Backup & Sync I apparently will have to upgrade upon renewal to Complete and pay $20 extra per annum for the privilege. Yet I can have a 5GB account for free with SugarSync who hosted your previous version of Backup & Sync which, although it had a somewhat flakey interface, had an engine which actually worked quite well.
I absolutely need to be able to sync my data without interruption and without bugs. As a result, I have been forced to move over to SugarSync. It was up and running within hours of installation and is now happily functioning correctly (I am using a combination of SugarSync and Dropbox).
I really have persevered. After changing to SugarSync last week, I tried once again this weekend to reactivate WSA Backup & Sync in the hope of resolving my problems. But no joy—just wasted time 😞. It’s a real pity because your new SecureAnywhere AV engine is absolutely outstanding and, I personally think, will increasingly be seen over the next few years as the world leader in AVs. However this backup package (at the moment at least) feels to me like a very, very unworthy companion to your main product.
Like most I have problems with the Anywhere Sync.  I have 3 computers and for the life of me they will noit snyc.
Issue 1 - No true Websupport.   I follow the directions, Un-install - reinstall, send the WSA Logs, get basically no support replys.
issue 2 - It seems like this has been a month now - I main computer shows me an Anywhere Folder, the Cloud has all my files in the Anywhere Folder, the Desktop show I should am snycing with the Anywhere Folder in settings, YET it's not snycing.  It appears an older backup File contently want to snyc instead of what should sync.  Finally I removed the Backup File from the cloud.  But still grabs that data somehow.   I am on my 15th install - re-install today after countless attempts in the pass  weeks. Yet still no true support, and no resolve.  Following the directions prodived, proved to be pointless and still no resolve.
The Old Magic Breif case workjed great, until it stopped working.  The anywhere folder just does not SNYC from the Main computer to the other ones, and my working computer wants to grab a backup from the cloud rather then the Anywhere folder.  The settings are correct - all computers sync to the Anyhwere folder,  you can see the data in the cloud, but it WILL NOT SYNC the correct data on the other computers.. even after mutiple frustrating attemps.
ISSUE #3 - The Anywhere folder setting seem to remove themselves from the working computer. Meaning the pre-set anywhere folder sync just disapears on it's own.  The reponses from Tech Support have been weak and BS until just a few days ago, but still no resolve and no way to Get resolved.
I am not the only one, as I have lurked here for the padt month, but finally became so frustrated and it's effecting our work flow I had to register and post my concerns, issues, and greviances...  PLEASE HELP
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I am very sorry for the back and forth through the support system. For this particular issue, the process of gathering logs on each computer involved in the sync is important for our engineers and their investigation. They are making progress and I will have a more definitive update for you soon.
I am personally taking a look at the support ticket and getting updates from our engineers and developers on the sync issue. It will be fixed and I want to say thank you for being so patient.
Mike I sent you a PM earlier with images to see what is truly going on
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I have responded in the private message. I am very sorry for the inconvenience and frustration you have experienced.
Edit: I reached out to support and leadership regarding your support ticket and asked them to personally reach out to you. It looks like there were multiple issues going on involving Backup & Sync and your case has been escalated to our engineers. Thanks again for your understanding.
Just a quick question for which it seems unnecessary to open a new topic so I have appended to this topic.
I notice from Rubenking's latest WSA review, and confirmed by looking at the settings, that WSA Backup is set by default to back up every 24 hours.
I had previously also noticed (and this was one of the reasons I was unhappy with it) that my WSA Sync was only uploading changes to files once every 24 hours. Is this a bug or is it how Sync is designed to function? I ask this because one of my requirements for a Sync programme is that it will sync in real time.
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Hey Muddy7,
Great question.
You're right that Backup is set to back up every 24 hours at whatever time you decide. You can, however, change it to backup as frequently as every hour. Just click the "Back up every:" option and type in the desired frequency.
Sync, on the other hand, is designed to work in real-time. Thus, there is no "sync schedule" option. Are you sure that your files aren't syncing in real-time? If so, then that does indeed sound like a bug. Let me know and I'll investigate further!
Thank you Yegor for your reply.
Yes, with Backup I had already understood that you can increase the frequency.
On Sync, I was not very clear in my post. I had forgotten that my problem is in fact just with one very large folder: my Data folder and its sub-folders.
The problem however is that this is not the only bug I have encountered. From where I am standing, it appears that Backup and Sync is full of bugs (see my post https:///t5/Webroot-SecureAnywhere-Complete/Backup-amp-Sync-Transition-2013/m-p/14108#M1314) and communicating with Webroot Support Desk about these multiple issues has proved a pretty fruitless exercise (see same post). For this reason, I have decided for the time being to move over to SugarSync, which worked reasonably well with your old Backup & Sync version and which is now working satisfactorily for me.
For test purposes, I have kept Desktop (I currently have only one icon on my desktop) and Webroot Anywhere (at the moment empty) synced across my two computers using WSA. I had actually completely forgotten this when I wrote my post!! At least, these two folders seem to be syncing correctly. (Pity about the Data folder which is much more important for me...) I may monitor future progress on your Backup & Sync to see if things improve in the future.
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Thanks for the update, Muddy7.
There is a fix for the issue of syncing between multiple computers that should be coming next week. Backup & Sync will become smoother as we finely tune it. SugarSync was a great solution but it had multiple updates and releases and did not start as a solution without issues. With our own Backup & Sync solution we will have more control over the features and we will be able to cater it to our customers needs.
Thank you for your dedication to Webroot and I will update the Backup & Sync thread when the fix is implemented.
Thanks Mike R for the reply.
I'll keep a watch on this thread (?) for your update regarding the fix.
Also I wonder if my problem of syncing (and of initial folder triplication - see my other post to which I refer to above) may have something to do with the fact that my My Documents folder is a child folder of C:Data, and that I have not only My Documents but all of C:Data set to sync?
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You can try only syncing C:Data for testing and it isn't necessary to have it synced separately if the parent folder is already syncing.
I am looking into an update for the multiple computer sync issue.
MikeR said: "You can try only syncing C:Data for testing and it isn't necessary to have it synced separately if the parent folder is already syncing."
Which is what I did. But files in C:Data were still neither regularly uploading to the cloud nor syncing at all to my second computer :8. And the fact of deleting the two My Document triplicate cloud folders meant that stated size of cloud on my GUI is now way off the real amount ("65MB used of 2GB" when it is actually more than 675MB!!).
I think I'll just keep my tests to the few bytes on my Desktop and Anywhere folders until things begin to look a bit more stable.
Thanks for looking into the sync update 😉. I'll watch out for that.
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Prior to this not so fabulous update, I was able to exclude files and folders I did not want to backup. Now backup is backing up all files/folders on desktop, My Documents and My Pictures. How can I set rules to backup only files/folders I indicate?
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I've begun a support ticket about the following problems.  The response(s) I receive is to read user guide. I don't see anything in guide to adress problems listed below. Granted this could be a something on my end.  If it is I do not know how to fix it or maybe I'm simply not bright enough to understand. I am, however, bright enough to have been using your product for the past 7 years, so am asking for help. Will you please help me?

It looks like all files in My Documents, Desktop and My Pictures were backed up during changeover.
During subsequent backups new files are not being backed up.
Changes made to existing files are not being backed up.
Some files previously backed up are now grayed out.
In previous version of WSA there was the ability to upload individual files for backup. In this new version I have not been able to figure out how to do that unless I sync folders, which I do not want to do.
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Please Send me a Private Message with the email you used to open the support ticket. I am not seeing one listed under m******
The majority of the Backup & Sync transitions are complete and our developers will be able to focus on new ideas and smoother functionality for the new solution. I apologize for the frustration.
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Due to my continual problems for the past month I have downgraded from Complete to just webroot antivirus 2013. I was told if I raised a support ticket I could get a refund. I was refused a refund as I upgraded my years subscription in july.They would not even give me an extension to my subscription on antivirus only which is cheaper. Disappointed.
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Hi stevecosta,
I'm sorry about your frustrating experience and I'd like to help you out, but I'm not clear on what you would like to do at this point. I realize you were having backup and sync features, but we did let all of our affected customers know that they were in the transition period and created a stevecosta,
 The transition is progressing but if you would still like a refund you can Open a Support Ticket titled "Refund". I can also assist you tomorrow with the refund as long as it is within 70 days.
Mike R
Social Support Engineer____________________________________________________________________________________________________ He clearly addressed the 70 days, so saying that you were refused a refund doesn't exactly reflect the situation. That is our refund policy and it is clearly stated here if you'd like to check. After Mike's response, you posted saying that your Backup and Sync were still not working and wondering if there was any updates, but you also mentioned another issue-that the padlock wasn't showing up. Mike then confirmed that you were asked to submit logs via the support ticket and said he'd keep an eye out for your ticket and asked if you were having other issues. You then replied you were getting a invalid login error and that you had submitted the logs. And today you posted that you decided to downgrade to AV. Going through the conversations in your ticket, I see that a support agent had scheduled to do a callback with you and was asking for a phone number. It looks like that callback never happened and you ended up going with the downgrade to AV. Please let me know if I missed any parts as I'm trying to see the whole picture here. Now that we've arrived at this point, what can I do to help? I understand that you're disappointed, but because you downgraded to AV, there is really no way to test your Backup and Sync after the transition was completed. This is a brand new solution and it was expected that there would be issues during the migration. We worked hard to consolidate the issues into one thread and assist customers on a case-by-case basis. I would love to help you out and look further into the issue, but you don't have the Backup and Sync feature with the AV product. If you would like to give it another shot now that the transitions are pretty much all wrapped up, we could work on reverting you back to Complete. While I can't guarantee anything, there would be a good chance your Backup and Sync would function properly. That being said, reverting back to Complete would really be the only way for us to check as well as continue troubleshooting the issue if necessary. Otherwise, you can stick with AV and let me know if you are having any issues with it. I'd be more than happy to take a look. Let me know. Regards,
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Backup & Sync transitions should now be complete. If you are experiencing any issues with the new solution and with new rules/settings for your backup needs, please Open a Support Ticket so that our technicians can assist you.
Using Backup & Sync
Managing files and folders
I am having a backup sync issue.  I backedup a lot of work files, and now I'm finding that 99% of the images are now all 0 bytes and don't open, a whole folder of stuff is just gone AND is has over-written all the GOOD files I had on my PC with the corrupted 0 byte files leaving me with no intact files on my PC OR my backup service.  And the ONLY files so affected are the ones in the backup folder..  So this backup and sync system seems to have problems WAAAAY deeper than just login issues.  I have opened a support ticket.. I have NO faith left in webroot and its sevice at this point though.  The point of backing up was to protect my data should something happen to my PC, finding my backup has compromised my PC is a little hard to take.  The net result is still that the data I had, is gone and it's not here OR there and no one knows why.
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I apologize for the wait EMOD. The best place for Backup & Sync troubleshooting is through the support system and I see that a technician has responded to your message.