Backup & Sync Transition 2013

  • 16 October 2012
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Thank you everyone for making us aware of your Backup & Sync issues.


Edit: Thank you all for providing the useful information regarding your Backup & Sync transitions. At this time, if you have received a message saying that your transition is complete, you should now be able to access and use the Backup & Sync feature through the program and within your MyWebroot Account as intended. If however, your migration has completed but you are still experiencing Backup & Sync issues, please Open a Support Ticket so our support team (who are working very closely with developers and the QA Team) can investigate your case on an individual basis. Alternatively, if you are a new Webroot customer and you are experiencing Backup & Sync issues, please follow the aforementioned link to open a support ticket.


Edit 11/15/2012: Backup & Sync transitions should now be complete. If you are experienceing any issues with the new solution and with new rules/settings for your backup needs, please Open a Support Ticket so that our technicians can assist you.



I have combined some similar topics and discussions with this main thread on Backup & Sync.

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52 replies

I need to installed the application
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I need to installed the application
Hello Virgie,


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Please have a look at this Knowledge Base Article and let us know if you still you help.


But this is for WebrootSecureAnywhere Complete. You can compare versions here.




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