Can a "script running in the background" of my computer disable it?

  • 26 December 2014
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This message comes nup when using IE and Facebook. Chrome moves very slowly. How do I stop this script and the messages?

4 replies

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Hi riveridesid
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I doubt that this issue is related to WSA but if you would clarify as to whether you are seeing slowness with all you browsers or just one, and what the specific message in relating to the script is?
That would help to allow us to start trying to diagnose your issue.  However, as something to try in the interim; make sure that you have the latest version of each browser concerned and if not then upgrade them to that, and clear out browsing history, download history & caches for each browser as best you can, and see if that makes a difference or if you still get the same message.
We await your feedback.
Regards, Baldrick
My computer has already been disabled. There was one wird incident. While using the computer, a message came up that updates were being installed. It said a large number like 150,000 updates were being installed! They went very fast! It was not the way Microsoft installs updates, which is slower. The computer stopped starting up past the login page. I used Safe Mode to look at my updates and what date they were installed. All except 2 were during Recovery, Dec. 20. Webroot was installed Dec. 21. Only one update, Microsoft Windows NET Framework... was installed on Dec. 23. Even Safe Mode doesn't work now. I am very disappointed that Webroot couldn't stop this. Unless the problem is with Microsoft's update.Can you find that out? I really think it was a virus because of the messages about disabling the computer. I think Webroot should have caught that one! The computer was like brand new after Recovery!
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It's best to Submit a Support Ticket and they can let you know what's going on! It's hard for us to Diagnosis without seeing the Scan & System Logs.
Daniel 😉
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Hi riversidesid
EDIT: Ah, I see that great minds think alike...but Daniel's fingers are faster...;)
Many thanks for the feedback.
I am still not convinced that this is due to a virus or malware as I have not been able to find anything, during my research, remotely resembling this as an attack.  
But I am no expert which is why, at this stage of the process, I recommend that you Open a Suport Ticket as soon as possible and provide the Support Team with all the detauls that you have, so that they can investigate this for you.
Please do let us know how you get on re. this.
Regards, Baldrick