Cannot verify email address to activate my software

  • 24 November 2018
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So I've been using Webroot SecureAnywhere for a few years now, and I'm trying to install it on a new computer. I see I need an email so I create my account and the problem is when I get the confirmation email the link just takes me to the login screen with "you are now logged off" above the bar for the email.
No matter what it won't take me to any page that let's me confirm my email address.

3 replies

Should probably also mention that I can't open a ticket either because it won't progress pass the password screen. probably because I can't actually verify my email...
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Hi Overture2152
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I am not sure as to why you are wanting to use an email when installing on a new machine as all that should be required is, when running the installer, the entry of your keycode (please see the installation instructions HERE).
Of course you need to have at least one ununsed seat/device under your subscription otherwise the installation will not be allowed...but no email address required, unless you are trying to install via the web console...and personally I would not do it that way.
Just download the latest version of the installer from HERE (for PC), and take it from there.
Regards, Baldrick
@ mentioned installation instructions in his post. and i think it could be same IP you are using. Sometimes same ips are not approved. But Please read the instructions.