cant sign in

cant sign into Webroot i am using internet explorer 11 once I put in password and click enter password leaves the box but nothing happens, cant get into any sites as Webroot holds all passwords

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Hello @wardmick ,

Welcome to the Webroot Community,

Sorry to hear you are having issues.

Please have a look here at this Thread stating that it is best to go to Webroot Support for this issue.

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Hi @wardmick , I created a quick update about PWM here.
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I wanted to close the loop on this and hope that you received the email notification this morning. If not, you should see it today.

We also created a few KB articles for you to reference as well that you can find here:

How to setup Webroot Password Manager for new users
How to migrate to Webroot Password Manager from LastPass
How to switch from Webroot Password Manager to LastPass


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