cant uninstall apps with trojan

  • 23 April 2019
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Hi . newbie here. could anyone help please.

secure anywhere is telling me I have a trojan on my tablet.

It asks do I want to remove it . I click yes, but it just keeps coming back as uninstall UNsuccessful.

There are apparantly 4 apps which it affects and the same happens to every one of them .

But I cant find any of those 4 apps on my settings/ apps list.


smartcard manager

galaxy apps widget

settings reciever

I have no idea what any of those are , anyway. I just want rid of them.!

However . it also affects outlook. I can uninstall that ok , but when i reinstall fresh from play store , the trojan affects it again straight away.

Secure anywhere is saying its critical.

...........update : in the last 5 mins , it has now apparantly infected 42 apps including keyboard, camera, my files and a load of others .

Any help much appreciated


3 replies

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Hello @moffy,

Welcome to the Webroot Community ,

I am getting Outlook notifications threats from Webroot Mobile Security. I'm betting these are false positives because others are having similar issues. You might want to Contact Webroot Support and they can confirm if these are indeed False Positives.
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We are aware of the situation and are working to address it. We will keep this thread updated as we know more.
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I just had an alert that the Weather Channel App was trojan. I was surprised since I had it for a while. But then I kept clicking on the button to remove it, but nothing was happening, so then I went into settings\apps and then uninstalled it. That made Webroot happy, but I'm betting this was a false positive.