Copy/Paste Stops Working in some applications

  • 15 January 2013
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Kit, if you do choose "allow" does that allow for the entire browser to then be vulnerable to attack ?
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Thank You for the answer!  I've been cursing *@(@*@  about what's been blocking my copy/paste operations and now I know. 
I'm adding the troublesome apps into the listing for now.  Keep us posted!  
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I'm told there is some development being done around fixing the copy/paste problems. Hopefully we'll start to see some results of that work pretty soon. 🙂
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Most clipboard applications begin with similar issue.. I had been wondering and and finally setting them allow in identity shield sorts the problem.
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Hi Brian!
I moved your message off into its own topic to allow peopleto find it more easily and to reflect the issue rather than the assumed cause.
The good news is that it's unrelated to realtime scanning.  Third party software companies will generally recommend exclusion from the AV as a mattr of course and for troubleshooting.
The symptoms you are experiencing are related to the Identity Shield functionality, which is explicitly made to block access to certain functionality such as the screen contents and clipboard in some cases.  There are a few possibilities on what is occurring in this specific one. I make the assumption, though possibly inaccurately, that a browser is running while this symptom occurs. If no browser is running at all and this continues to happen, contact support immediately for diagnostics gathering and escalation.
Go to the Identity & Privacy tab and click "View/Edit Protected Applications"
- Is the DB program or any part of it listed under "Deny"?  If so, change it to "Allow".
- Review the "Deny" list.  Any program that you explicitly trust that is set to "Deny" may be changed to "Allow" safely.
If this resolves the issue, you may want to open a support ticket from one of the affected systems with the reason of System Impact (Slowdown) or similar and request cloud evaluation of the DB program. If it's not a common one, it may still be Unknown in the database and that can cause it to be placed into Deny.
- The DB program is listed under "Protect"
- Turning off the Identity Shield (follow up by doing a "shut down protection" and then re-run it with the Identity Shield off) corrects it but nothing was listed under "Deny"
- Setting all items under the Protected Applications list from "Deny" or "Protect" to "Allow" resolves it
You may temporarily resolve it by setting everything to Allow (Including browsers, however they will return to the list when they update), or by turning the Identity Shield off.  Contact with support for escalation is highly recommended at that point.