Copy/Paste Stops Working in some applications

  • 15 January 2013
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I have an issue with a couple of users who have Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete installed.
I have been using your products for over 5 years now and recommend them to anyone and everyone, however the exclusion issue may be going to cause me a problem today!
These users are using a database application and intermittently they lose the Copy/Paste functionality in this application and indeed on the whole PC, one is Windows 7 the other Windows XP.
The database support department have been approached and we were advised to turn off Webroot and see what happened.  Turns out that turning Webroot off alleviates the Copy/Paste functionality not working, so it looks as if Webroot is the root cause.  I will say that my investigations have uncovered plenty of noise on the Internet of users with similar issues where other applications and functionality have been highlighted as possible causes ie RDPclient.exe etc.
Anyway, the DB vendor has advised that we exclude a couple of folders from the realtime scanning and see if that fixes the issue with Webroot turned on....
...over to you 🙂, before I take the decision to find an alternative.
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Yeah if nothing changed then the MD5 should be the same.  Would you like me to have support contact you to troubleshoot?
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Hello I would suggest you Submit a Support Ticket to see if the programs need any whitelisting!
Daniel 😉
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If you could I would appreciate it. I currently am putting out 5 other fires along with this one right now.
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Ok I'll put in a ticket.
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Thank you very much!